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    persuasive writing
    By Julie

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    This is a great story to discuss sequencing and persuasion. One activity I do with it is that I give the students a situation and those for it, go to one side of the room, those against go to the other side of the room. Then I give each side a chance to "persuade" and give justification to their opinion. Then we see if anyone would want to switch sides. We then do "improv" sales pitches (not sure what grade you have, but my fourth graders love this) and I choose an item and they have one minute to think about how they could sell this object to the classroom and then they speak for 30sec. - 1 min. to sell it. Finally, we do a writing on a topic they choose that they would like to persuade the public on. Depending on the subject, if it pertains to a local issue, we send it on to the newspaper. Have fun - hope this helps!

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