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    Colonial books
    By Lori

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    Joan Lowery Nixon has several books in a series called Young Americans Colonial Williamsburg. The titles are

    Ann's Story: 1747
    Ceasar's Story: 1759
    Nancy's Story: 1765
    Will's Story: 1773
    Maria's Story: 1773
    John's Story: 1775

    I have not read all of them, but Nixon does a good job of her research and they have extensive notes in them. They also cover different socio-economic classes of the period so you get to see life from many different perspectives.

    Kate Waters also has a photo book called Mary Geddy's Day: A Colonial Girl in Williamsburg. Her book uses photos from the re-enactment Williamsburg to tell the story of a "typical" colonial girl. She also has titles that focus upon Pymouth Plantation -- Sarah Morton's Day, Samuel Eaton's Day, Tappenum's Day, On the Mayflower, and Giving Thanks: The 1621 Harvest Feast.

    Other books I had a school for the Colonial Period are Calico Bush by Rachel Field -- pretty much a classic, but only for good readers, about an indentured servant in Maine in 1743.

    Night Journeys and its sequel Encounter at Easton by Avi are simpler stories about indentured servants in 1768 near the Pennsylvannia-New Jersey border. I am an Avi fan, but I sometimes have trouble getting students to read him.

    For Jamestown settlement in addition to A Lion To Guard Us, there are two short diary type books published by Scholastic and by Patricia Hermes called Our Strange New Land and The Starving Time. These are simpler books that the Dear America books and are in the My America series.

    I had these at school and could not think of them this week end. It seemed everything I could think of this week end was the Revolutionary period!!


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