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    "Dear Mr. Henshaw"
    By Julia

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    Hi Monica,
    I teach 5th grade language arts and am just beginning to use literacy circles. My classes recently completed work with "Dear Mr. Henshaw". The following activity page was given to each student to complete. I hope you will find a few of these activities useful.

    KNOWLEDGE: (complete each activity)

    1. Recall details about the setting by creating a picture of where Leigh Botts and his mother lived.
    2. Create a story line showing the progress of Leigh’s relationship with Mr. Henshaw. Be sure to have a minimum of 6 time markers.

    COMPREHENSION: (complete each activity)

    3. Explain how Leigh’s attitude changed over time about Mr. Henshaw’s questions.
    4. Describe a typical day in the life of Leigh Botts.
    5. Summarize pages 1-36.

    SYNTHESIS: (choose one activity to complete)

    6. Create a poster to advertise the story so people will want to read it.
    7. Compose and perform a dialogue from a phone conversation between Leigh and his dad.
    8. Create an original character and tell how the character would fit into the story.
    9. Write the lyrics and music to a song that one of the main characters might sing if he/she/it became a rock star – and perform it.

    EVALUATION: (choose one activity to complete)

    10. Decide which character in the story that you would most like to spend a day with and why.
    11. Judge whether or not a character should have acted in a particular way.
    12. Consider how this story could possibly help the child who reads it.
    13. Write a recommendation as to why ‘Dear Mr. Henshaw” should be read or not.

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