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    I grew up outside of Portland, and currently teach in Southern Oregon. It's a beautiful state. District and student populations vary greatly. Knowing a second language, especially Spanish, is a tremendous boost for hiring.
    Third and fifth grades are benchmark years and standardized assessment scores are everything in those years, so the pressure is great. Fifth grade is especially grueling with state assessment in reading, math, math problem solving, writing, science, social studies, and social studies written. Scientific inquiry will be added in the next year or so. The math and reading are done twice during that year, and each round takes 4 weeks (done on the computer in my district). As a result, teacher turn over in fifth grade is high.
    Job availability varies from district to district. I have heard that it can be difficult to transfer out of state licenses, as Oregon standards are higher than many states. Pay is reasonable. I believe we are in the top 15.
    Oregonians are pretty friendly (or so I've heard). Lots of recreational opportunities. Let me know if you have any specific questions! Good luck!

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