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    job fairs
    By new teacher

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    Teacher Job Fairs - been there, done that. Think of them as meat markets. You have about 10 mins to make an impression.
    * Check to see if the school districts want on-line job applications or if they accept "paper" on the spot. My county schools created a universal job application that was filled out on-line & then you got to choose which schools to send it too, in response to specific job postings. They only accepted on-line applications, but requested copies of my resume at the job fair.
    * If your schools are into the current "portfolio" craze, put something small together that features your best work. INCLUDE LOTS OF PICTURES because no one's going to read it on the spot, just skim. My mini portfolio had lots of pictures of the mural my students assembled as we did a two week lesson. This got the attention of several schools & I was contacted to come in for a more intensive interview.
    * Bring copies of your resume with a cover letter explaining the type of position you're looking for (art teacher, gym teacher, early primary, etc.)
    * Common questions asked: What best describes your method of teaching? If I walked into your classroom what would I see? What is your discipline policy/practice/method? What kind of a teacher do you see yourself as? (A facilitator is a good answer, one who helps direct the children as they learn through self exploration, etc.)
    * If you know of a particular school or two that will be at the fair, or if there is a contact person that you know of from ads, etc. call them and ask what to bring.
    * Dress comfortable, you may be on your feet standing in long lines for hours. Temperature inside may be hot/cold. You may not have a place to hang a winter coat (if your climate calls for one) & you may get stuck juggling coat, briefcase, purse, etc.
    * IF you have a "favorite" school district/school that will be attending, you may want to get in line early...or wait until the end so your face is still fresh in their minds. IT can go both ways.
    * It may take hours, it may take minutes. I was at mine all day (9 to 3)& I scoped out which districts I wanted to apply to before hand and only went to those.
    * Some people read paperback books while standing in line, others conversed with fellow teachers. Check out where everyone's from, which schools did they think were good, which ones they were leaving & find out may save yourself some in line time

    Good Luck...and don't get discouraged!

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