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    Difficult situation
    By Cathy-Dee

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    It is always difficult when dealing with a TA who has been with the school for a number of years. I think continuing to model your methods is a good way to deal with the situation.
    Having a sit-down meeting with her as well might be the way to go.
    Perhaps doing it in a way that is not confrontational. Stating it something like this
    I know that this student has been quite difficult this year for all of us. However I have noticed that she seems to really respond to a firm but quiet voice and gentle reminders for her behavior. I'd like to see if this is really the case and need your help as well. Could we perhaps do the following for the next two weeks. Then list out your methods, the words you use, etc., and ask the TA to keep a log. Let her know that you may step in from time to time to see how things are going or to diffuse the situation if it is getting too loud.

    If you do not attack her methods outright, but make it more of a team effort, she might be less offended and willing to give it a go. It sounds like she gets frustrated easily and this leads to the yelling, etc., And perhaps she will welcome the ideas and find that they do work for her as well.

    Once you have done this, if she continues with the yelling. Remind her once again that you do not want to see yelling with this student (try not to do it in front of the student either - or the student may begin to use her behaviour as a power-struggle between you and the TA).

    If it continues then take it to your administrator to see if they can give you more advice or help with the situation.

    Having a TA is beneficial for your class, but only if the TA is doing things that will help the student. Sometimes we all get to that point where we just can't handle a child or situation and need to take a step back. As a classroom teacher we need to be there to help our TA's as well when they are having difficulty with their assignment.

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