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    What's wrong with grammar anyway?
    By Dawn

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    Hi everyone,

    I totally agree with all the posters above. Definitely cool your talks with this parent and keep her out of your room as a sub if possible. I would be paranoid if my principal were checking up on me as yours is. Thank goodness your write-up shows you have done plenty of writing.

    And my question is...what's wrong with grammar study? I for one try to split my time in thirds between writing, grammar, and vocabulary/spelling. I have found that many students cannot understand how to write a sentence because they are unable to "pick it apart" into its components. The grammar portion of our language textbook is linked to specific writing skills, so it's fairly integrated.

    I've had several parents commend me for emphasizing grammar; I've had none question it. I know I'm rambling here, but my point is, isn't it quite subjective whether grammar is less important than writing? This parent may think writing every day is the way to go, while 5 others may think grammar is. You can't win!

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