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    I've been there.
    By Kimberly

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    The second year I taught first grade, I came down with the chickenpox a few days before we let out for Easter break. I missed the kid's Easter party and had to beg some parents to come in and help my aide.
    We were lucky that it didn't spread to everyone. I broke out in spots suddenly on a Tuesday afternoon. Earlier that very day, I had helped pass out pizza to my class while on lunch during a field trip. I had been draging around with a 101 temperature without realizing it! I thought I was just tired from stress.
    And here's the kicker----I had had it in kindergarten! The doctor said I didn't have it bad enough back then so I wasn't immune to it.
    I was very good about not scratching but I still ended up with a few scars. They're not bad, they look like tiny dents in my skin that weren't there before. Only I notice them.
    Don't worry about school now. Get your rest. That's most important. In adults, chickenpox can lead to pneumonia. I rested and didn't get that, but my sister-in-law wasn't quite as lucky.
    P.S. For me, I found constant application of old-fashioned, pink Calamine lotion worked best. When the lotion dries, it helps dry up the blisters and turn them into scabs. My doctor also suggested taking over-the-counter allergy medicine to ease the itching. Benedryl tablets have anti-histimine that fights the itching some.

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