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    Time management
    By Pam

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    I use every spare moment during the day and am one of those teachers you never see during the day outside their classroom. I stay late probably 1 time every 2 weeks on that night I get all my photo copying done. I do however go into school an hour early every day and stay until 4:00 everyday. So my hours are 7:00-4:00 I don't like to stay beyond 4:00 because I am then too tired to do anything for me. I would also like to add that if you are relatively new to a grade level or are starting a new position it is hard until you get into that routine and accumulate different curriculum materials. It is important too to get into the habit of teaching your students the responsibilities of cleaning up, I make all my students put things away before recess, lunch and at the end of the day. Every Friday we spend an extra 1/2 hour straightening out the room. You also train yourself to put things back after using them. My first couple of years I used to be a piler, but force yourself also to get into the habit of being tidy throughout the day. Lots of good advice from the previous posts too a big thank you from me.

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