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    first year vent board
    By noreen

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    I haven't come to the boards in a while. Things in New York are still screwy and we are still going to the Memorials. The plane crash was about 15 minutes from my house. I was surprised that the people on the first year board did not want any suggestions or feedback from people like myself who have been around the block a few times. When I look back 13 years when I started teaching I did not have someone to help me out. I have always tried to help a new teacher, please note I said help not force my ideas upon them. Trying to talk to them at the end of a particularly bad day, fill in for them on duty when they are overwhelmed.
    As my son is 22 years old I have come to see that he has a sense of entitlement, meaning that he truly believes that things are just coming to him. I guess that I should not be surprised when no matter how I try to help him avoid mistakes, he thinks he knows best and you can not put an old head on young shoulders. So I for one will back off offering any encouragement or support to the first year venters. I wish them God speed
    Now saying that, I will state for the record that this old dog has learned new tricks visiting the first year vent board. I have read the posts and learned different techniques and different prespectives on a variety of topics. I look for old reliable posters such as Cathy-Dee, because I am certain that her advice is well-meant.
    And on a humorous note, I have been thrown out of better places.

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