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    I quit a month ago
    By Jan

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    I don't want to give you advice about whether to quit or not, but I'll share my experience with you. I've been teaching for 16 years. These last few I could tell I was feeling burned out, but fear kept me in the job. Fear of what I would do to make a living,etc. The things that frustrate me are the same things you read from teachers all over on this Vent board - misbehaving children, certainly. But even the ones who behave don't seem to want to learn - they don't listen, don't try, don't care. The few who DO kept me hanging in there. But it's tough being accountable for test scores when the children don't want to learn what you have to teach. The other frustration was the feeling of powerlessness - people who aren't in a classroom telling you what to do and some of it YOU KNOW is not developmentally appropriate for the kids that age, or they take too much of the teacher's time away from actual teaching - I could go on and on, but you can read it all on this vent board. I began this school year and on August 30th, turned in my resignation letter. I gave 4 week's notice and as much as I wanted out of there, would have stayed a week or two longer if my principal had asked if he had trouble finding someone - but it worked out. So I quit earlier than you are even contemplating - there you have it. Because I did it properly (4 week notice, helped the new teacher with transition), I did not burn my bridge and could come back in this county if I wanted to someday. I have not regretted my decision - it finally FELT right. I am, however, having trouble finding another job. I don't really want one with alot of responsibility (translation: stress) - so I even applied at the local hospital in the admitting department. My problem is I have a Master's degree and in this case it doesn't help me at all. I'm considered either over-qualified (as in the hospital job - they were sure I wouldn't accept the lower pay - I would have!) or I'm considered underqualified - I applied for an asst. mgr. position ("will train") at a restaurant because they wanted someone who had 5 years restaurant mgt. experience. PLEASE! I've managed 28 2nd graders, I can't manage and motivate some high school students??? I know of other teachers who've happily found other higher paying jobs (sales rep for pharmaceutical company), but I am tired. I don't want to work that hard, for now. Here we are in a recession, the Sept. 11th attack has triggered even more economic ramifications - unless you're able to get by for awhile without a job, or know what else is available, be careful. I'm still glad I did this and I have total faith that God will look out for me - that whatever happens is meant to be. I totally understand how you feel. Good luck.

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