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    I saw it too...
    By sue d.

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    I saw the Oprah show you mentioned. I agreed with everything the doctor said, and have already been modifying my instruction since I began teaching (it was the catch phrase then too). What I wish he had discussed is exactly how a teacher above kindergarten level is supposed to make those diagnostic changes every day, in every lesson, with 25+ kids to teach. I'd love to see Dr. Levine in a real classroom situation. The best part of the show was when he showed those tapes of kids getting one-on-one help and acutally being retrained in an almost scientific setting. The LD aides I've seen in the two school systems I have taught in all just "help" reteach material in the same old boring ways that weren't effective to begin with. If you were to tell our panel of specialists that a kids has what Dr. Levine said might be a "processing problem" he or she would still get pulled out or assisted in the room with the regular old work. What he showed kids working on was acutally therapy for their various disorders. Where can we get trained professionals who will actually start treating these disorders insted of just labeling kids and throwing them into humiliating pull-out groups with dumbed-down work? His work sounds so hopeful and true; however, I just wish he could start a movement or something so that specialists will start treating children his way. Just think of all of those poor kids who may NOT need Ritalin.

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