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    I socialize, but...
    By Starley

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    Yes, there are alot of "nonteaching" things we must do, so we do them. I don't always have to be "direct" teaching the kids for active learning to be going on. My kids teach each other most of the time. I teach mini-lessons and am available if someone needs help and the other students can't assist them.. The rule.."ask three, before you ask me". My kids are set up in partners. Students never "practice" skills alone. That makes no sense.Those that know how to do it, don't need the practice. And those that don't know how will practice wrong. So, they teach each other, whether in partners or small groups. I do paperwork during this time. They'll ask for help if they need it. I do a mini-assessment after every lesson/practice. 4-6 things for the kids to do/answer and turn in (they must do this alone). I can immediatley see who needs help, and will do a small group mini-lesson the next day.

    In other words, my kids don't need me every second of the day. They learn with and from each other. I am a guide. I find alot of time to sit at my kidney table and do paperwork (or whatever). I am right there, available to help with lots of chairs around my table if needed.

    And I do take work home. I hate to leave things undone. I like to go into the next day with nothing lingering. I don't mind taking stuff home. I love my job. I can do paper stuff while my kids do their thing. They don't need me every second either (ages 4 and 10). Just like my class, as long as I am always available and righ there.

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