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    It is your classroom
    By You are the teacher

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    You are the teacher, and it is your classroom. You were hired as the teacher right? You need to decide what you want as your aides role. If a different approach is needed - you go in with your game plan. You can be open to this persons suggestions I am always open for suggestions and value my aides input. In the end though it is you the teacher who is responsible for making sure that those students needs are being met. They are not going to blame it on an aide if it isn't happening. Be respectful but assertive in what you want to accomplish in the classroom. I am sure that this person wants what is best for the students also and do acknowledge that. Go in with the right attitude that you are a good teacher and they are also a good aide. Good luck, but please don't think you will overstep your boundaries, that is your class, and there is a certain amount of team work that must be in place with your aide.

    I have walked into a position where the aide was 10 years older than me and had 9 years experience in that particular classroom. I too had various experiences, but I went in thinking I didn't want to overstep my boundaries and wow, I was not treated like a teacher at all. I wanted to think we were equals but that person felt no one else could run that class like they could. We never did get that mutual trust or bond; it was a constant power struggle. You have to build a trust in your aide and respect. I currently have a wonderful aide and we laugh and cry with each other. Not having a team player can be a tough situation, trust your judgement, give them the benefit of the doubt. If things get tough which they might be assertive and let them know where you stand.

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