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    Wow what a interesting mix-up
    By Cathy-Dee

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    It took me a couple of reads to try to figure out all the changes. Sounds like everyone is moving grades at your school.

    I'd love grade two, but wouldn't leave my little ones until the end of the year. Although come June I'll probably look closer to Edmonton again to see what's opened up.

    I think it's a good idea to let your Principal know your preferences but that you are willing to try another grade as well. At least this way she is aware of what you feel most comfortable teaching. If you have any choice at all, I'd take grade 4 over grade 5. I think grade 4 is actually the other "fun" grade to teach. No exams to worry about, they are somewhat independent, the curriculum is fun as well. But I'd teach any grade except grade 6 upwards. Once those hormones start in, I just can't handle the kids.

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