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    Don't worry
    By Jessica

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    I understand exactly how you are feeling. I student taught last spring in a fifth grade class. I was just as nervous as you are. I felt very unprepared from my college courses, but I had the best time. My advise is to talk to your cooperating teacher a lot and don't feel bad about asking for help.

    Maybe this story about what happened to me will make you feel a little better. I am a very quiet and shy person so I was very nervous about my first time teaching the students. One day the teacher had left the classroom and was a few minutes late getting back for their spelling lesson. Since the spelling lesson was written out word for word in the book, I decided to give it a shot. I thought I did okay despite being nervous, but as it turns out, later in the semester the students were preparing to give speeches and were talking about being nervous in front of people, and they reminded each other how nervous and shaky I had been. I was a little embarrassed, but we laughed and everything was fine.

    Even if things don't go exactly as you want them to or had planned, don't worry. Kids are very flexible, and you will learn how to improve the lesson and how to teach it better next time.

    Have fun during your student teaching!

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