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    I have been there, too
    By Carolyn

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    I subbed years ago, and I am now a full-time teacher. I remember experiencing those dull videos that teachers sometimes left. For the life of me, I can't understand why they would leave something like that which won't involve the students' attention for more than five minutes. They only sit and talk or, if you're lucky, just put their head down and sleep.

    As a full-time teacher, I try to read about your complaints, since I don't want to duplicate your problems for my subs. I try to leave a video which is 1) relevant to the learning which has been going on in class; 2) leaving a worksheet with it which is to be graded (they complete it while watching the video); 3) make sure it is interesting enough to motivate them to watch it; 4) not make it too long.

    Make suggestions to the regular teacher next time if you didn't this time. Let him/her know that this was not a good choice of activity for the class. Of course, you will do it in a way that is tactful: "Things did not go well with the video I showed. I don't think it involved the students, so I had to do with another plan."

    Unless a regular teacher leaves a lesson plan that is relevant, kids won't put much effort into it. They'll just think of it as busywork.

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