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    By Amanda K.

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    I agree with Amy's suggestions... when I was a sub, it took me about two months to be at the point where most of my assignments were teacher requests, and teachers tried to call at least a week in advance because my days filled up fast. I always left a sub note of the kind that Amy described, but I always added at the end that I would love to come back to their class, and I left my phone number, which was my automated sub line ID.

    And, yes, most schools have a "preferred sub list" in one shape or another. At the beginning of my sub days, I found that I was randomly being assigned jobs at one particular school quite a bit. After the third or fourth day (nonconsecutive) at that school, I told the secretary that I really enjoyed their school, and that I would love to be on their preferred list, if they had one (which I knew that they did). The woman looked grateful (this was a low achieving school) and said that she would do that for me.

    Another thing you can do is make up a flyer about yourself and your sub qualifications (do you grade papers if a teacher wants you to, what grades do you best like, do you stick to the lesson plans, do you pride yourself on being able to effectively teach everything on the plans, etc.) You can leave 3 or 4 of these flyers with the teacher, next to your sub note, or ask the secretary if you could give them to her to post somewhere.

    I am a full time teacher now, and these things are appreciated by our staff. Believe me, it's hard to find a good sub. If you know you are a good one, and it sounds like you are, teachers will appreciate this kind of drive. And it's great to have a flyer in your desk drawer to grab when you need a sub.

    By the way, if you have an automated system calling, don't wait for the system to call you... call the system first and keep calling every couple of minutes until you have a job.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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