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    By Pam

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    I would say that the school district that you work for has a curriculum. This is the materials that you need to teach. Books, follow up activities, stratagies to teach the material. Usually a district has a person in charge of writing curriculum with committees and they are in charge of picking out the text books. If you are subbing then you just follow the plans given by the teacher. If you are THE teacher you have to read the text books and plan around the given materials mandated by the district. Of course you bring to the curriculum your style of teaching and creativity within the objectives set by the district. As a sub I have found that when you sub in a district over a period of time you learn the curriculum. I would define curriculum as the language arts program Literature based... Does the school do guided reading do they use basals or do they use both techniques. What Math program do you use...How is PHys. Ed. presented to the classes...Since you are a student teacher also Ask your cooperating teacher about their districts curriculum . I hope this helps.

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