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    ADHD Help
    By Kathleen

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    I have a student who is ADHD fetal alcohol syndrome and non medicated. I give him a few minutes to draw at the start of class. Then I set a timer for ten minutes. He knows that he is to work for me for the ten minutes and at the end he gets 4 minutes drawing time. At first I thought this will not work or that it is too hard to monitor but it wasn't and it worked. He can now set the timer and sometimes he is so involved with the lesson that he skips his four minutes of drawing. You need to find out what reward will work with the child. Play some quiet music in the background I use American Indian flute music as there are no drum beats and it is soothing. This helps all of my students to focus better.

    Picture a train going 100 miles an hour and you are examining everything in every car at every minute this is ADHD. I have ADHD and I understand how the kids feel. My brain is going eighty miles a minute and one thought will lead to another. Try a simple reward system that you and the child set up. The child that I am working with is an 8th grader and he did nothing but disrupt the classroom. We worked up to ten minutes and soon he knows that he will have to work for 15 minutes still getting only 4 minutes to draw. Our goal is to work for the whole 55 minutes class period 2nd and 3rd. (I have him for two 55 minute classes in a row).

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