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    Thank you for your input so far! Sounds like we share many of the same tactics. We have one afternoon a week dedicated to team meetings, that team members are supposed to be in the building that day. Each school in the district has their own morning or afternoon blocked off at different time so we can all utilize the same sub, and special ed director/mediator as needed. At the beginning of the year, I sit down with my list of annual IEP's and schedule them two weeks in advance in case we need to move them because of scheduling problems in order to still be in compliance. Once I schedule these, all team members get a copy. They are then to look through their schedules and return the copy with conflicts for me to reschedule. WARNING: VENTING MOMENT! This year, supposedly no one had any conflicts...but really not everyone really cross-referenced with their schedule. We have had one scheduling dilema after another...and always at the last minute. Then I have to call parents and reschedule. Annual IEP's aren't as much of a hassle as the CST/IEP meetings (not all the service providers are getting their testing done with the in the 6 weeks they are allowed). Parent's are getting angry. When the service providers do come to meetings, they aren't prepared. My principal avoids conflict at all costs and will not confront these people and has even told me sometimes it is just easier to do their paperwork for them. I am drowning in paperwork, plus I am not trained in their specialties. I am feeling very frustrated. I am the only nontenured person on our staff, I feel like I am being taken advantage of because I am not in a position to make a lot of wake.

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