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    multiplication facts
    By mary

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    I start with the hardest while motivation is high after I give them a 1's and 0's quiz- which they love as they all know the rules to this one before we even begin to discuss multiplication. The 6's are good becaue they also cover may of the other facts with common multiplws(3's , 12's etc..) and can be presented that way and referred to throughout the unit. Next I do 7's because they are so difficuolt to relate to other multiples- teach "tricks" of course ex; 56 = 7 x 8 (5,6,7,8) for each table. Then I do the 9's -again related to threes but with two "tricks" (finger mehntod and adding up the two numbers in the product = 9 for each fact.These help the children feel in control and when able to do "big" numbers like the 9's they really feel good about their growing abilities! Now, I give them a break- we do the three's-they can all skip count by threes as a stratgy to solves, as well as now relating them to 6's and 9's which will help down the road in setting up the concept of division. It goes on from there- throw in the tens for motivation and success, then tackle the 12's etc... We play lots of games to reinforce. Once the children have been tested on indivdual facts tables, they have mixed facts tests . 'When we move on to division, they continue to have "Mad Minute " tests for multiplication facts every day to begin math for the rest ofthe year, graphing their progress.Good luck!

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