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    Blasting Off to Good Behavior
    By pjm

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    I have posted rocket ships in my classroom and a list of reasons why or how you can move yourself up to the top of the rocket ship....then I labled the rocket ships from a to z with a small space for each letter so that when I child earns a reward he/she can color in the a space then the b space and so on up the rocket. When they reach the letter z they get to have lunch with me at Wendy's (simply because there is one very close to our school) this way each child has a chance to win the reward but obvoiusly if you're caught being good you are going to fill in your rocket more quickly and thus have more rockets to fill in and more lunches with the teacher. I call the wall blasting off to good behavior. I reward the same things you do....good listening, being helpful or going out of your way to be helpful for someone. completing your homework is one I use and boy has homework been completed more often. but you get the idea....My kids just love it and when ever someone visits our room some child will drag the visitor to see the rockets.

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