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    Rewarding the good behavior
    By lynn

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    I have a similar situation-the majority of my students are great, but we all have those 'few' that are more difficult to handle. I have a stoplight behavior program, which is working so far. There is a clothespin for each child. When a class or school rule is broken, the pin is moved to yellow, and then to red. MOST of the students' pins never move, so it really isn't a time-consum-
    ing program. I give those students who have remained on green all week 15 minutes at the end of the week-sometimes it's free time, sometimes I may have an activity planned, but it is ONLY for those whose pins haven't moved. (I also bring in a small treat-cookies, or whatever.) Those few that have moved, don't get to participate. They finish unfinished work, or read at their desks-I also decided not to make it major work for me by having to have lots of extra work for them to do. This way, the kids who behave love the extra fun, the kids who didn't behave aren't rewarded, and I also don't penalize myself by having to prepare extra work for just a few. Hope it helps.

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