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    subtracting with regrouping
    By jen

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    I currently teach 2nd grade bilingual and after I explained and did these examples my kids totally got it!

    Let's say you have 36
    - 18

    look in the one's column. you have 6 and I want 8. can you give me 8? NO, you only have six, so you walk over to your neighbor's house (3). BUT!! your neighbor only shops at Sams club and buys things in groups of ten. he will never give you only four or six! ONLY A GROUP OF TEN!!!! so you borrow 1 group of ten from your neighbor. so now you have 16 and your neighbor only has 2 groups of 10.
    Make sure when you are telling them this to tell them that your neighbor does not like to share and will not give you more than 1 group of ten.
    after my kids got the concept of "walking to your neighbors" then I added in the words regrouping and borrowing.

    I have another example for regrouping with 3 digits and a zero in the middle.


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