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    By sabrina

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    My class loves to play verb charades. Each student receives a card and they must act out the verb on the card. When another student thinks he or she knows the verb, they raise their hand and say their guess. If they are correct, the become the next actor. You can do this in two teams also, which makes it more fun. I also have relays where the class is divided into two teams. Each person has a card with a word. When it is their turn they must race to the correct box (noun or verb) and put their card in. Each card is programed with a circle on the back or a square. One team is the circles and one is the squares. I then check the boxes to see which team has successfully placed their cards in the proper box. We go through each card, saying which is a verb and which is a noun. This is really safe for the child also, because he or she is the only one who saw their own card, no one else knows who may have gotten confussed on a verb or a noun.

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