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    By Michelle

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    Hi Trisha,

    I went through the same problem. This is what I came up with and I am really happy with it.

    I took a poster and made a pocket for each kid and their name is on the front of the pocket.

    Every center has a color For example reading is red and math is yellow and so on.

    I bought popsicle sticks that have the variety of colors. I took half of the red sticks and put a 1 on the tip and the other half I put a 2 at the tip. I did this for all the colors but purple.

    Then I decided what two centers I wanted together. So reading and math went together. A 1red and a 2 yellow went in one pocket and so on.
    The purple is if the child comes in a small group that day.
    So now when the child is finished his or her work she looks at the pocket and sees that she/he goes to reading first and math second. If the child sees that he has a purple then he knows he has to wait to be called and he could read a book while waiting. This works like a charm because you always know where people are suppose to be. You don't have to worry about rotation and the kids are not on to much of a time constraint. I hope this was helpful.

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