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    By Aleesha

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    I just finished a money unit and I made up "wallets" for each student (ziplock bags with a piece of tag inside with some coins glued to it...well not actual coins but pics of coins) and each student had to count the money in their wallet, record that, then trade wallets with a class mate, and then count their class mate's, etc...the kids had great fun with the wallets and were getting quite proficient at counting out the coins. Next time, I think I would have them practice recording in different ways too...with the cent sign and with the decimal and dollar sign too.

    We also played store...the kids "bought" items in the classroom that we had priced. With my grade twos, I had them pick two items to buy, add them together and pay for the total...with the grade ones, we paid for the items in two different ways...for example, if the pencil was $0.15, they could pay with three nickels and then a dime and a nickel...I tried to discourage paying for everything with pennies!! Have fun...aleesha

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