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    science team activity
    By Julianne

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    For a science activity you could have them explore relative density. The hands-on component is to make a shake bottle. Use baby food jars or other small clear bottles. Have parents help their child fill the bottle half full of colored water. (You could let them choose what color to make theirs.) Now have them fill the bottle the rest of the way to the top with cooking oil. Place the lid tightly on the bottle. (We super glue or hot glue ours closed.) Now the child can shake up the contents and watch what happens. Set the bottle down and watch it for a while. Why is it returning to its original form?

    For the demonstration part you can use a large clear glass container. Slowly add different liquids to the container. Because of their relative density they don't mix. If you color some of the liquids with food coloring you can create a rainbow of liquids within the container. Try these in this order:
    corn syrup
    salt water
    regular water
    cooking oil
    rubbing alcohol

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