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    By Chris

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    This is my 3rd year teaching first grade in NYC.
    Start with a letter to parents explaining that homework should be done every night & that it is a reinforcement of the day's lessons. Also, remind parents that they are to assist but not do the homework for the child. You would preper to see errors other than perfection. (Be understanding if once in a while homework is skipped).

    Math is assigned every day. If your math curriculum has workbooks, great. I have to make up much of the homework.

    Every Mon. students are given 5 spelling words which they write. On Tues. they choose 2-3 words & write in a sentence. On Friday they are assessed. I prefer assessment that includes writing a sentence or 2 with words.

    For reading, I send home "A Book In A Bag" with a sheet for recording title, when read, etc.

    For writing I have to get creative. Use skills that students are learning (Cap., spacing, ending punctuation, holidays, etc.) Again, depending on your curriculum, some of this is provided.

    On Fri., students take their writing journal home & must write about anything they want. If they are not writers, word strings & illustrations are acceptable. On Mon. we share our stories.

    I plan the week before & my homework sheet includes the week's homework + any attachements and are given to students on Mondays.

    Good luck & don't forget to work with other 1st grade teachers in your school.

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