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    Mini-Winter Olympics
    By Rosemary from Campbell River,

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    I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Diana - a sports enthusiast. She would organize the Olympics for our school which had over 400 children (200 children participated in the gym in the morning and likewise in the afternoon). After weeks of practising in our gym classes (sometimes with our big buddies), assigned into mixed grade group teams with a teacher leader, each individual had chosen at least 4 sports to do during a pre-team meeting, we were ready. We proudly marched into the gym (some with chants and songs!)and sat under a huge flag representing our country. We were on teams representing six different countries, we were wearing colour-coded t-shirts(somehow parents found the appropriate one for his/her child!) - red for Canada, blue for the USA, black for Germany, etc..... Some of her ideas for the winter Olympics were:
    a. the ever popular torch (a baton) relay around the periphery of the gym - passing it on to the next team member. I believe 8 children/team were assigned to this one.
    b. cross-country skiing - 8 children/team. Children placed recycled 8x12 papers under their feet and shuffled to the other side of the gym where another student did the same back.
    c. bobsledding: another relay. Children worked in pairs with one child sitting on two scooters. The other child pushed him/her around the periphery of the gym.
    d. curling: children ran up to an assigned line and curled a bean bag onto the curling rings (making tape rings on the floor with assigned points/ring).
    e. slalom skiing was an obstacle course set along the floor. As soon as a team member was sitting down on the other side, the next would go.
    f. hockey: dribbled a puck down the floor and shoot for points into a net.

    There were so many more activities she had. For management, she had parent volunteers tabulating points for the various teams, teams had to sit down with their legs and arms crossed when the whole team was finished.

    I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was. There was a big announcement at day's end which team came in 6th, 5th....etc. My team was usually 6th (but we also had the most fun!).

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