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    morning work(late)
    By Lisa

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    Here is an example of what one butcher paper may look like...

    Today is_______,__________30, 2002.
    Is today Friday? Yes or No
    1_3, 4, _, _, 7, 8, _, 10....

    "at"(there might be a picture with these to help them out)

    c_ _ h_ _ b_ _ s_ _

    Write a sentence about this picture piucture here)

    1+0= 2+1= ........

    Fix these sentences. yuo like mi cat your name jake

    And so on...I usually look at the benchmarks for that six weeks and make up the morning work from there. I use it to introduce word families and things of that nature. Alot of times all the kindergarten teachers swap papers around if they dont get checked that day. It is good for them if you check it together. We also let one of them take it home sometimes to show the parents what we do. They like that.

    You can do pretty much any skill with it. It takes them awhile to get the hang of it; but it is well worth it , I think.

    sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have been out of town.

    Hope this helps.

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