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    ABC song
    By Barb

    Clip to ScrapBook

    I found on another website a fun song that sounds JUST like the usual ABC song. It also helps teach words that start with that takes a few times of singing it to get used to the tune and the words...but here it goes:

    Aa apple
    Bb ball
    Cc cat and
    Dd doll
    Ee egg and
    Ff fan
    Gg gum and
    Hh hand
    Ii indian
    Jj jam
    Kk king and
    Ll lamb
    Mm man
    Nn nickel
    Oo orange and
    Pp pickle
    Qq queen and
    Rr rain
    Ss sun and
    Tt train
    Uu umbrella
    Vv vase
    I'm nearly through see my happy face
    Ww wagon
    Xx box
    Yy yarn
    Do you see my socks
    Zz zebra and
    Zz zoo
    That was fun and now we're through.

    I made picure cues to go with it. I am a special ed teacher for children ages 6-8 with autism and my kids learned it within days and LOVE the song!

    Hope you like it!

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