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    Calendar Time
    By Sharon D. W.L

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    I teach grade one and after we celebrate 100th day (19 days to go.) I'll start by introducing time on little flash cards at morning calendar time. I have little lady bugs printed on red construction paper, cut and laminated. I have a few books which I will read first. I can't remember the exact titles/authors. I know I got one kit from scholastics this past Oct. or Nov. It has a story about time on the hour and what this child does each hour. It comes with a mini clock to show the times. I have a larger one with the minutes in blue and the hours in yellow for calendar time. We've used it to count by fives so this will be the next step. I 'll put the flash cards in an envelop and each day I'll have a child pull one out and have that child and two more if they need help show us the time on the clock. If after three they don't get it I'll simply show them. After a few weeks of that I'll put in digital flash cards to make it a little more difficult. Last year they got it so quick we also did the half hour although we are not required to in grade one. Anotehr idea I might try this year is have a volunteer roll one die at first and then set the clock to that "time". Again after a couple weeks of this I'll have them roll two dice and set the time. helps with addition too - I should think...

    PS: I'll see what I cna find at school on time.

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