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    Quiet time
    By Jackie

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    I think the first two posters gave wonderful suggestions. Many of their suggestions have worked for me as well.

    Our rest time begins at 1:00, immediately following lunch and a bathroom break. The children bring beach towels or blankets from home and get them out of their lockers on their way back into the room. The lights go out and I read a chapter or two from a Junie B. Jones book. Then I put on some restful music. You might want to try different types of music, until you find something that works for your kids. I've used classical (G'night, Wolfgang), new age (Enya & Yanni) light jazz and international lullabies. has lots of good cds, though they're not cheap. You could try playing stories on tape, if they're interested in the story, it would help them rest quietly. I really like using music, especially classical, because of some of the brain research that has supported the connection between listening to complex musical pieces and mathematical ability.

    I have also used some aromatherapy items. Lavendar is a relaxing scent. But be careful of allergies & asthma.

    The wake-up fairy has also worked for me, especially if you use a special, fancy wand. I've also stamped the hands of three or four quiet resters, who then get to choose first during our free choice time.

    You might want to rethink your placement of the children during rest time. Are they too close together, next to their best friend, right next to toys? Can you see everybody from where you are? If not, can you find a better vantage point or perhaps move around periodically checking on everyone? Do you have one or two children who never rest and keep the rest of the class entertained? Position yourself near them.

    If it's allowed, I would, as a previous poster sugggested, provide children with a quiet activity if they have rested quietly for 15-20 minutes. Drawing, reading, puzzles, etc. As the years goes on, many of the kids just don't need to sleep, so I will let them whisper to a friend, as long as they keep it to a whisper, so as not to disturb anyone who's resting.

    I hope something here has been helpful to you. Good luck!

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