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    rest time
    By Angel

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    We have a mandatory rest time total time is approx. 1hr & 25 min. It works very well-- here are some of our procedures:
    Rest time schedule is always lunch, bathroom, rest time
    you do not have to sleep - but you must lay still and quiet
    If they disturb others they will move their lambs (our classroom discipline chart) for every time they disturb (we keep a list and actually move them when they get up from nap)
    we bring special pillows or blankets to keep at school during the week (send home at end of week to be washed)
    I have a sound machine on and lights out
    They are not allowed to ask to go to the bathroom during nap (we go before and after)
    We read a story after the lights are out and sound machine has been turned on (we close our eyes and imagine the story, no looking at these pictures)
    The person who is monitoring them must be consistant in the discipline or it will not work
    If they have been quietly directed several times to stop a disruptive behavior and do not several things can happen -I have a talk with them and make them move their cot to another room for the remaining weeks naps - I tell them they can be sent to the principle ( I haven't had to do this yet) - If a child brings a doll or stuffed animal to nap with, the consequence can be that it goes home and they are not allowed to bring anything beyond their pillow and blanket again (I have had to do this)
    email me if you have want to try and have any questions.
    good luck

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