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    pjm and horrible
    By Reggie

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    Girls or guys, this stuff happens in the course of human events. Every now and then somebody is going to get their feelings hurt.

    I have always made the best effort NOT to snap at any of my friends and colleagues. I figure, too, that if I can keep a grip on it, everyone else should also.

    Recently, however, a teacher that I considered a good friend just bit my head off. Voila! I only asked a simple question and BAM, there it was.

    Well, I wen't and vented and cried to another teacher, who herself had been a victim of a similar heinous crime. Well, I am like one of the other people here. I didn't forget. I did confront the teacher but I acted like it didn't bother me. For now, everything is copacetic. For now. And, I have realized, that I have reached a similar point, but I can control myself -- hopefully.

    My advice to pjm, if you "screamed" first, you should be the big person and apologize -- just so that your working relationship can be such that you don't have to experience this walking on egg shells feeling any more. If she screamed at you -- walk away. You go girl.

    To horrible, just hang in there. However, you must have done something for someone to suddenly back away from you, albeit not intentional. If she won't tell you, the reason is probably floating around the rumor mill -- find out. No more emails, go and talk with her and tell her what you found out -- whether it is true or not.

    Well, hang in there. Another crisis will come and you will get through this. I know it feels terrible for you. God Bless you both.

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