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    well, our school will be interviewing for new teachers
    By pjm

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    right after we return from spring break so I guess I'd say soon if I were you.

    When to tell the kids is another matter. I think I'd wait a bit to tell them unless you feel that once you tell the administration the kids will somehow find out.

    I'd probably tell my students (who I also have for more than one year) that although I love them very much it is time for me to make some changes in my life. It would be nice if you could be specific with the kids and say so I've decided to go back to school or what helps them to imagine you in the future I think.
    Mostly, I'd be honest and let them know it's not because of them or something they ever did but just time to move on....have a party at the end of the year and say good-bye...let the kids help plan it....they'll love that. HOwever you do it I'm sure it will not be easy. good luck

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