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    kissing up for job?
    By Carolyn

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    I think this really depends upon the district you work in. In some districts I worked at in Pennsylvania, they seemed to like the ever-faithful sub. Why bother to hire her when she's such a great sub? On the other hand, some districts had the reputation of hiring a lot of subs. In one district in my area of PA, the only teachers who were hired were subs. I think it's best to ask around. How many teachers along the way were actually hired as subs in the districts in which you work or want to work? What advice do the teachers who did get jobs have for you? How did they get their jobs? They will freely tell you if you ask.

    Here in the South, there is no kissing up for jobs. You apply for a job, interview, and then you are hired. No certified teacher here goes through the sub route. No certified teacher who wants a job here is left without one. North Carolina reports having many more jobs to fill than are qualified teachers graduating from teacher education programs. This is why I say it's important to look at the situation in your particular area.

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