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    a child who needs help
    By CD

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    It sounds like your student is either seriously having a problem with mental orgnization or is just attention-starved. What do his parents say? If possible, have a parent come make a "suprise" visit. You and the administration would know, but the child would not. The parent could then be sent to your room at a scheduled time and see how this child is disrupting your class.
    If this is not a favorable approach by the adm., DOCUMENT! Every day, take a few minutes and write down specific behaviors and noises and things said by the student. If your guidance counselor is still on the "wait" vibe, seek other opinions.
    We all know testing takes TOO long, and it seems like FOREVER when there is a child in your room like this one. He is suffering, you are suffering, and your other students are distracted by his outbursts. It's unacceptable!
    Keep documenting and try different approached to having him in the room. Does he have particular friends, students who wouldn't intimidate him. Maybe one of your responsible students would be willing to be his "buddy." They coud sit in close proximity and the more resp. student could keep tabs on him.
    I have been in your situation, pulling my hair out all due to one child. This child came with enough baggage to move to another country. Try to remember (and it is so hard) that the ones who frustrate you the most, are the ones who NEED you the most. Keep us POSTED!

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