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    Thanks for the good advice!
    By Mrs. L

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    I, too, teach 5th grade. I am not really sure exacly why I go so far behind in some subjects, but the two I am most behind in is Social Studies and Science. Math I am a little ways behind, but feel I will be able to cover the content standards, at least. I am on schedule with reading, English, and such. I think where most of my problem getting behind was we have so many extra's cutting into our regular subject time, such as D.A.R.E, Title for an hour and a half a week, kids going up to special ed, ect. I had to give two whole weeks full of half days devoted to practicing for the Christmas program, which I think is the main culprit! We are a small school, and a had a few school wide trips that cut in also. I did make a rough plan for this year, but didn't do the month by month thing, which I will definatly do next year! Boy, I have learned a lot this first year!!! I will definatly remain concentrating more on the math and reading and try not to worry about Social Studies and Science so much. For English for the last nine weeks, I've created a writer's workshop ( my kids SAT-9 writing scores for the test we took in October were SOOOO low!), and scheduled that out day by day for the rest of the year so that should be no problem. Thanks again for the great ideas!

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