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    I Don't Have my Homework"
    By Tabitha

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    I have been teaching fifth grade now for three years. Each year I have atleast three students that never have their homework or the "I don't have a pencil or pen" also my pet peeve. I mak my students bye a pencil for 25 cents from me or they borrow from a classmate. I will not just give pencils. I use the 25 cents to but toys and things for my treasure chest. Basically for the rewards of those that do their work.
    The no homework is still baffeling. I now have two of my students who are failing misreably on a behavior contract. I have them on two week intervals. I put smiley or sad faces and I list on the calendar what they are missing. The parents are supposed to sign it every night. Yeah like that happens all the time. I also send home weekly reports to parents letting them know what is missing. They have until the end of the week to get it in to me or it becomes a zero in my grade book. These two are getting a little bit better, but they are still not doing all the work. If you know a better way of getting homework from the chronic "I don't have my homework" please let me know.

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