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    By Mike

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    Hi..I don't teach in the inner city, but I do teach EBD students-from ages 8-17...that should count for something eh? Anyway, I agree that there are times that you CANNOT ignore the behavior..sometines kids are intentionally confrontational and put you in a position to have to deal with the issue. In my classroom I am able to "table" our lessons and simply teach behavior..and if it takes five minutes or an hour or all day, then that is what I do. I have learned from expericence that to continue teaching my wonderful lesson was, in the end, fruitless! I just should have dropped it, and backed up and delt with their behavior. Now I know! I don't know if those of you in reg. ed can do that as much..with the pressures of the curriculum driving your decisions, but if you have a supportive administration, then ask them if you have their support to teach, and reteach what is expected out of your students, no matter how long it takes.
    I know few of us entered the profession with intentions to be modifiers of behavior (we want to teach our wonderful lessons, right?), but that is simply the nature of the beast for some of us!


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