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    Thanks for the input
    By Eilene

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    I had thought about the whole shut down thing, but I was sad about punishing the kids who really do deserve the treats. Its disheartening to keep having stuff stolen. The kids in my school are very poor. As I'm sure that you all realize, I don't mind them having the $2 bag of cereal so much as I mind 1) the extra trip to the store for more treats and 2) the lessons they aren't getting about right and wrong if they think they can continue stealing. I think I'll try one more heart to heart (with the added threat of the office for anyone caught) before I try anything drastic like shutting down the room. I'm just lucky I guess that they don't seem to want to steal anything academic (sort of - one would hope actually that they *would* want to steal books and such but they don't. Just sugar. Good thing - the books are so much more expensive).

    Question on the taking back of everything - I'm afraid if I take home all my treat related stuff I'll be shooting myself in the foot. Behavior stuff is so tough for me even *with* all the goodies. Did you have a game plan for if you hadn't gotten your confession so soon?

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