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    my vandalism solution (might work)
    By Amanda

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    My 1st/2nd graders aren't stealing from me (that I know of), but I do have a couple of vandals in my class. Just yesterday, someone colored in crayons all over my hall pass (which is wood and was actually made for me by someone from the school as a present when I started there). Here's what I did: IMMEDIATELY I took the rest of the crayons, markers, colored pencils and put them away from sight. They lost their recess and I told them they wouldn't get it back until I got a confession (my school allows this, I know some might not). Instead of doing other work, we sat with the lights off and no one was allowed to talk or move for the entire span of recess time. Then today before school I took everything I brought to school (games, puzzles, toys, manipulatives, flashcards, computer games, everything!) and put it where they couldn't use it. I told them that since they couldn't respect my property, I no longer trusted them to use any of "my things". I also told them that I wouldn't be giving them any prizes, since they don't understand the importance of a gift. (That meant no end of the week treat, no "treasure box" prizes, and... no valentine's candy!)

    I got my confession halfway through the day, and now the kids have all "their stuff" back.

    (I work in a very tough inner-city school and so I understand this may be going overboard depending on what type of class you have.)

    Hope it helps.

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