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    I HAD a theif
    By Sheila

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    I had a theif in my room he was stealing other children's papers from the turn in basket and would put his name on it. He was smart because he took the students who are very advanced and more than likely had a perfect score. I caught him and he lied right to my face so I gave him another sheet and told him he had to do it at home and explain it to his parents. He was not happy. A couple of months later he was stealing things out of the other students desks. I took him to the principal and she gave him afterschool suspension for 2 weeks. He is not allowed in the room if I am not there and he does not leave the room unless I am there. He is so mortified and I have given him no options but to stay straight. I do not know how this will help you but trust your gut and if you think she is stealing ask them to empty their bags and desk. This can be done easily by having the whole class clean thier desk and check to make sure everything is out of thier bags.

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