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    By Leigh

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    Mrs. Apple, I agree with you. I love the teacher clothes, too. I was kind of surprised the people on this post didn't like them because all the people at my school have teacher clothes, except for the two men on our faculty. My co- workers even go to jewelry parties together and get teacher slides for our necklaces. Elementary age kids do love them.

    I spent a day in the classroom with excited kids (the day before Valentines and the week before a major field trip), bus duty, and hundreds of other little minor irritants today. I weighed 112 pounds my first year and still wore jumpers so I could move around freely. Now I am heavier, but by no means have a weight problem. I buy for comfort, and I am VERY professional. You go ahead and spend your weekend in Target and Wal-Mart. Those of us who LOOK GOOD NATURALLY and have SELF CONFIDENCE do not have to rely on our clothes to build up our self concept (sorry, that comment was way out of character for me but I have honestly never heard an adult be so shallow in my entire life). I bought a sweater at the GOODWILL STORE for $2.50 and wore it to school. My principal commended me on my attire that day, not to mention the dozen or so other compliments. Did I tell them where I got it? Of course! Now, Jenny, I am not advocating spending your time there this weekend because I just happened to wander in there because I was shopping with my mother in a store next door. But it is not beneath me to get my clothes anywhere. Shop at the discount places. Buy all the comfortable clothes you see. Then go to school with a smile.

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