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    Please don't!!!!!!!
    By Beth

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    Oh boy... I am going to try and save you from a HUGE mistake. Whatever you do PLEASE don't make the mistake most teachers do and wear all kinds of unflattering things. It is a real shame that the clothes you use to wear are no longer comfortable. It sounds like you have some knowledge about style. Maybe something needs to change w/ your lifestyle? I know I have to loose weight when I feel "uncomfortable."

    Anyway, it seems that SO MANY teachers (for whatever reason) go from looking stylish to not-so-stylish. (I'll put it in nice "PC" terms). Many, many teachers all of the sudden start to wear things like long unflattering skirts that barely show your ankles, enhanced w/ an ABC apple shirt. Oh, and let's not forget those infamous wooden necklaces w/ the ABC's!!! These are things that I guess I'd feel comforable in only at an elementary school (because that is such a norm), but God forbid if I get into an accident on the way home or need to get out of the car for whatever reason!!!! That's where it gets humiliating! So, if I were you I'd try to stick w/ your old ways. Maybe shop at Lane Bryant (spelled wrong prob.). (I never shop there so I don't know if that is the correct spelling). But, see if maybe you can make a lifestyle change. I know that many of us start to slack off on exercise due to all of the work we have, but don't fall into that trap either! I for one, make sure that I exercise 3x's a week. Weekly, I run about 5 miles after work and drink protein shakes like they are going out of style! I feel super about my health and body, and I've been told that this is the best I have ever looked by many many people. So, making changes like that worked for me and not falling into the "apple trap" also has done me wonders! Please don't listen to what coworkers might say and start purchasing the unflattering clothes. You can continue to look fashionable as well as comfortable. It is up to you.

    Hope I've helped.

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