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    In My Opinion
    By Emily

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    Thank you Judy and Cindy, for pointing out one of the sins that teachers committ. Writing "I will not.." sentences or definitions of a line is not educational, period. It is "busy work" and, as Cindy pointed out, causes children to view writing as a negative reinforcement.

    In this particular instance, I do not care if I have offended anyone because this is a very dear issue to me and I think it is horrible when teachers employ this method of discipline. I could not sit back and let this piece of advice get through without throwing in my two cents. There is NOTHING positive to be gained from using repetitive writing as a punishment tool, and we have the most precious thing in the world to lose-our children's love of words.

    One more is a fact that running a classroom is a matter of opinion. The first responder to this post stated his or her opinion, and Judy responded with hers (by the way, saying "I think there are better ways to solve the problem" is essentially saying "In my opinion, there are better ways to solve a problem")and there was a wonderful exchange of ideas taking place. To attack Judy over a technicality of words, in which she was also expressing her opinion, was in very poor taste. A professional teacher recognizes and accepts differences in opinion and does not attack others for giving theirs.

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