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    Need Help Too
    By Jen

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    I am in a similar situation....wish there was a board for just at-risk groups. I teach in an inner-city school where the majority of the population of children are homeless, living in local shelters, etc. I teach a K-1 and like you guys I agree that yelling is not the answer. I wsa really good about not yelling my first year, but this year's group has been especially difficult and I have to yell for them to hear me. I need some suggestions on helping them be quiet.

    I do let them talk, as I know they need to do this, but they tend to get SO loud that the only way for them to hear is for me to yell. Lights out doesn't work...they just continue to talk. Idon't like yelling at them and would love some other idea. Any suggestions???

    I also have one child who drives me absolutetly crazy with her tattling and whining. She's constantly tattling about everything, even thigns she isn't involved in. Does anyone have suggestions for her? I've tried the rewards for not tattling, but it doesn't help.

    I love teachign this group of kids and agree that it's very rewarding. This years group has just been somewhat tougher than my first year group last year!


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